Derived from the Coupé, the Mercedes S Cabrio re-proposes the slender line (with the hood closed) and the luxurious interior and finished with care. A number of reinforcing elements have been added to the body, both in the lower part and behind the rear seats, so as to reach the same level of rigidity as the coupe: compared to the latter, the weight of Mercedes S Cabrio increase has remained below 100 kg thanks to the more extensive use of light alloys, especially in the tail, totally redesigned.

The canvas top, built in three layers, can be opened and closed electrically in about 20 seconds, even when driving up to about 60 km/h of speed. When traveling in the open air, a flap rises above the windshield to convey the air over the passengers’ heads, while a windbreak coming out behind the rear seats takes care to prevent the currents from being sucked into the cockpit.

Mercedes S Cabrio is provided with an air-conditioning system, in a completely automatic way, to self-regulate in any condition, both when the hood is open or closed.

Technical Features