Of identical size to the “normal” Mini, the Mini Cooper Cabrio is equipped with a functional canvas roof: it opens electrically in 18 seconds (even when moving, provided it does not exceed 30 km/h) and, once folded, rests on the tail remaining partially in sight. The roadster look is accentuated by the fact that there is no fixed and visible roll-bar: the protection system only comes out in the event of an imminent overturning of the vehicle.

The interior of Mini Cooper Cabrio is well finished as that of the closed version, but the two seats behind are narrow (albeit less than those of the old model). You can fold the back of the rear bench to increase the capacity of the trunk, otherwise very small, even if the compartment is more capacious than 35 liters compared to that of the previous Mini Cabrio. Practice the possibility of lifting the hood about thirty centimeters (when it is open) to widen the access mouth to the trunk.

In the guide this “discovery” is reactive and fun (precise the gearbox, direct steering) like the three-door Mini from which it derives while the choice of engines from (102 to 231 hp) is extended.

Technical Features