Of the previous generation, this Porsche Panamera retains nothing: new platform and engines (more powerful: up to 680 horsepower), traction is only integral and the transmission a new robotized dual clutch with eight gears (very fast, but not always fluid in running at low speed). The line, especially the rear, is more graceful and more reminiscent of the 911 coupe.

In Porche Panamera wide and comfortable the four seats: only those who are taller than 185 cm “touch” with the head behind. The finishes of Porche Panamera are impeccable, but some controls aim more to make the scene than to be practical: the motorized central air vents (controlled by moving a cursor on the touch-sensitive screen of the dashboard) respond with a clear delay. In addition, the keys around the gearshift are integrated into a shiny surface and are not identified by touch: you have to look away from the road to find the one you want.

Performance of Porche Panamera is breathtaking with all the engines, excellent road holding and good comfort. In spite of the “salty” price, the equipment is not impeccable: the floor mats and the adaptive cruise control are also charged separately.

Technical Features