Like the Coupé, the Porsche 991 S Cabriolet also has a timeless line that respects the usual style; the latest aesthetic updates, contemporaneous to the adoption of 3.0 turbo engines, concern the wider and angular frontal air intakes and the two small outlets for the cooling of the intercoolers placed immediately behind the rear wheels.

Thanks to three magnesium alloy plates, the canvas top has the same, elegant profile of the roof of the closed version; to make it “disappear” flush with the tail of the car just press a button (even on the move, provided you are under 50 hours) and wait 13 seconds. The cockpit is simple but luxurious, distinguished by the high tunnel that carries the gear lever very close to the steering wheel, and the 7-inch touch screen of the radio and the navigator; the homologation is 2 + 2, with the front seats reasonably wide and the rear seats really “lucky”. The engines of the Porsche 911 Cabriolet are, as usual, six-cylinder boxers.

But now they are all turbocharged: it starts from 3.0 Carrera and Carrera S (with respectively 370 and 420 horses) to get to 3.8 by 560 hp Turbo S 3.8 have the four-wheel drive as standard, the others can be both rear-wheel drive both 4×4; excellent both the manual transmission and, above all, the very fast dual-clutch PDK, both with seven speeds. For a supersport, comfort is not bad; valid the work of electronic suspensions (standard).

Technical Features