The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is a supercar full of accessories: bluetooth car radio, automatic transmission, alloy wheels, air conditioning, xenon headlights, folding rear window that acts as a windbreak, active suspension, electrically foldable aluminum roof and metallic paint. Enveloping seat, ergonomic controls and a great sense of sportiness perceived since you are seated on board.

The calibration of the shock absorbers of the Ferrari 458 Spider is not too rigid and allows the occupants of the Maranello sports car to face even considerable distances without problems.

The Ferrari 458 Spider is a pure object of pleasure that in the curve gives an impressive agility. The Ferrari 458 Spider is not only destined to be the last discovery of the aspirated horse with rear/central engine but it is also the first “RMR” roadster ever to mount a rigid folding metal roof.

Technical Features