It was a piece of the Red mosaic that was waiting for a renewal.
The new Ferrari California T, model that brings the Maranello home back in time, to the turbo years on the F40, was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. V-shaped eight-cylinder engine with two turbochargers, 3.8 liters of displacement, similar volume to that of the unit used on Maserati Quattroporte, but with some measures on bore and stroke, because from 3.799 cc pass to 3.855 cc, hence the California T. The performances are feelings that can not be explained by numbers, all improved, from the first to the last. And to make this subtle emotional difference can not even be those 500 laps less stretch. To make incomparable the desire to take the turns of the old V8 was, if anything, the “soundtrack”: screaming, sharp, lacerating. Adjectives that adapt less well to the new California T, which has equally uncommon, but more baritonal tones. While there, the new engine helps to refine road qualities: its position is in fact lower than 30 millimeters, which are not few.

Mix with a steering that is now more direct, make California a little more effective than you remembered. Even more than a little: the lap time, at Vairano, has improved by almost three seconds (1’16 “702) With the roof open (the operation is completed in 14 seconds), the symphony of the V8 is an invitation to increase the pace: California is irresistible already when you change over 2,500 / 3,000 rpm, with the double clutch that rattles off the marches in an exciting way.It slips flat into the corners, with a front end that never refuses the trajectories and a rear axle which follows firmly the orders given by the front wheels and it is only when you really take seriously that the roll becomes barely evident Trajectory after trajectory, the confidence becomes total and the mystery remains only one: how it is possible that this Ferrari has stopped the inflexible balances of the Center tests just under 1,900 kilograms? To look after the pure sensations, we would say at least 200 less.

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