The open version of the “small” Lamborghini has a canvas hood that opens and closes electrically in 17 seconds, even while driving (up to a speed of 50 km / h). Electrically controlled also the opening / closing of the rear window: traveling in open air, it acts as a windbreak. This avoids the turbulence of the air behind the head. But those who decide to leave it in the lowered position are gratified by the exciting roar of the engine, which reaches the ears without being further muffled.

The rear bonnet is also different, designed to be a natural extension of the seat backrests.

Negligible the difference in performance compared to the closed version: available with both four-wheel drive and only the rear drive, its greater weight (just over 100 kg, due to the reinforcements of the body and the mechanism of opening the roof) makes it rise, as stated by the house, only two tenths of a second the time needed to reach 100 km / h starting from a standstill, while a deterioration of the maximum speed of only 2 km / h testifies the aerodynamic efficiency with the hood closed.

Technical Features