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The 4.0 V8 petrol-turbo engine of the Mercedes C Cabrio 63 AMG S Cabrio Automatic impresses, in addition to the power and torque from supersport (510 hp and 700 Nm), also for the very engaging sound of the exhaust, which goes from a grim mutter, at the minimum, a mighty rumble that becomes a raging snarl as it rests on the accelerator pedal, topped off with a “gassing” dry noise at each change.

The seven-speed automatic transmission of Mercedes C Cabrio 63 AMG S Cabrio, sweet and fast, is also well studied, even when it is controlled by the steering wheels. Maneuverable and not very tiring in the city, the car shows that it is perfectly at home when it comes to curvy roads, where it is appreciated for driving precision, speed in changes of direction and high road holding. And if you want to have fun by raising the pace a little, just select the Sport + mode of the Dynamic Select system (the others are Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual) to make the engine, steering, active suspension and gearbox responses quicker.

Of course, in order to fully enjoy the supercar performance you should book a test session on the track; even on the road, however, in compliance with the limits of the Code, the car can be very funny, always able to instill an uncommon feeling of security. Consumption should not be a problem for those who are willing to sign a check for 100,000 euros to put it in the garage: in our test, between Trieste and the winding streets of the Slovenian countryside, on the border with Friuli, we read an average on-board computer 6.3 km/liter.

  • Mercedes C63 AMG S Cabrio power service luxury car hire
  • Mercedes C63 AMG S Cabrio power service luxury car hire
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2+2 V8 biturbo 510 4.0