Completely renovated in 2015, the Audi Q7 has taut and squared lines that make it appear streamlined, although the dimensions are really important (505 cm in length). In addition to being very well finished, the cockpit is also generous in space in the rear (with surcharge, there is a 7-seater version) and rather practical: the sofa runs lengthwise of 13 cm and can be folded to form a floor load without steps over 2 meters long. As for the engines, a six-cylinder V-turbodiesel is available, combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, which develops 218 or 272 hp.

The same engine (but with a power of 258 hp), coupled to a 128-horsepower electric motor, equips the e-tron hybrid version, capable of developing a total of 374 hp. Finally, there is the sporty SQ7, which features a powerful 4-liter TDI V8 able to provide 435 hp and allow a 0-100 in less than 5 seconds. Lightened by over 300 kg compared to the previous generation model, the Audi Q7 can be made more manageable by purchasing the integral steering system, which acts (with movements of a few degrees) even on the rear wheels. Nothing to object on comfort: the interior is soundproofed properly and, if the car also mounts the adaptive suspension (optional), it seems to travel on a flying carpet; the pneumatic shock absorbers also allow the trim to be lowered by 3 cm at high speed and raised by 6 cm off-road.

Although it does not rule out the need for paid additions, the standard equipment of the Audi Q7 is adequate, and it also includes the automatic low-speed emergency braking and the downward speed limiter (useful on slippery or snow-covered bottoms). Among the main options, the air-conditioned seats, the steering wheel with electric adjustment, the head-up display, the automatic parking system and assistance to maintain your lane.

Technical Features
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