It took almost a hundred years, 97 to be precise, to get to a Bentley like this. And maybe the purists will turn up their noses, but Bentayga is destined to carve out an important place in the history of the English House, because it will be produced at previously unknown rates by the parties of Crewe. The stylistic language is the one to which we are accustomed from the early 2000s, even if the inevitable changes in proportions reduce (and not just) the sensuality of the lines.

So many horses, so much mass. Inside, just a minimal gesture like opening and closing the air vents and you find yourself lowered into the deepest and deepest British tradition. Although some keys on the dashboard have an economic appearance, if the handles on the roof are non-braked and return to the rest position in a slightly hasty and noisy way, if the multimedia system is old, the general atmosphere will not it is cracked, but it remains just as extraordinary even when the Bentayga begins to move. The first 2,000-2,500 rpm, a field of use in which the twelve cylinder of Audi-Volkswagen origin is so velvety to give the impression that the Bentayga moves by virtue of an invisible, is enough to disengage in the life of every day. elastic that trolls

Technical Features