Today the legendary name of Jeep Renegade identifies a compact SUV (423 cm long) and also suitable for the city. Built in Italy (it shares the base with the Fiat 500X), it offers a well-designed and really spacious cockpit in relation to the external dimensions. Not bad the trunk, which at a sufficient capacity (351/1297 liters) combines the practicality of the bottom can be placed on two levels (pity, however, for the step that forms a reclined back).

The road behavior is pleasant and the comfort of a good level, even if on the bumpy the suspension response is a bit ‘rigid (a phenomenon that is emphasized by 18-inch alloy wheels). The off-road attitude of the Jeep Renegade depends on the version: the front wheel drive variants are more voted on the asphalt, while the 4WD “integrals” have the ground light increased from 17.5 to 19.8 cm, enough to deal without patemi the snowy funds and dirt roads of a certain commitment (also complicit the speed limiter downhill).

Technical Features