The Maserati Levante, first suv of the Modenese house, stands out for its elegant and slender appearance, which conceals its imposing dimensions; very successful and gritty the front, less rich in personality the back. The interior is comfortable, luxurious, with standard leather finishes, and also spacious. Although not a record, even the loading capacity does not disappoint. Thanks to all-wheel drive and effective electronically controlled air suspension (regulating both stiffness of response and distance from the ground), the Levante is agile despite over two tons of weight, and can even tackle the demanding off-road. the Maserati Levante, does everything to escape the obvious. And, to begin with, try to escape the five-meter round that should nail it to a generic and precise role at the same time. Because this Maserati will also be designed to annoy the mother of all high-performance SUVs, but, when you drive it, it ends inexorably that other references come to mind: a Porsche Macan and a Jaguar F-Pace, for example, that they will also be smaller and more compact, but which, in some ways, recall the way of being on the road of this first sport utility made in Modena. With all due respect to those who believe that, when it comes to four wheels, the size of the car body can still be an absolute discriminator. The five meters return well evident when you get on board: the typical luxury Maserati has all the ease to relax in an interior that has not much to envy to that of an Audi Q7. At least in terms of size, because from the point of view of the quality of construction, however, the Levant remains a step behind the perfection of the German rivals. A question as always of details, starting from the vaguely “raw” movement of some little doors or the feeling of certain keys that are not in keeping with the rank and figures involved, but in the end, with Maserati, it always ends in the same way: two four the exclusivity of the atmosphere takes over and these imperfections are soon forgotten. “Question of charm? Yes, even of that, it is useless to deny it.

Technical Features