The Porsche Cayenne, the model that gave life to the sporting SUV category, has reached the third series. At first glance, the most obvious differences with the previous editions concern the back, with the thinner and connected lights, and the more sculpted shapes. In reality, the car is completely new, with slightly different proportions (it is longer, lower and wider) that make it more streamlined and, apparently, even better “attached to the ground”.

There are many technological innovations, starting from a wider use of the light alloy (the five doors, the front fenders, the roof and some elements of the body are in this material) and the possibility of having the steering wheels also behind (in order to increase agility and stability). But there are also air suspensions and active anti-roll bars of the evolved type, and new engines (all turbos, with six or eight cylinders) of high power and gritty behavior: they push the best at medium and high regimes, where they emit a refined sound and engaging: exciting for lovers of beautiful mechanics. The result is a real sporting road behavior, combined with excellent comfort for soundproofing (at constant speed you travel in silence) and good for absorbing the disjointed.

The interior of the Porsche Cayenne is large enough for five and finished with care and quality materials; Although classic in style, it has very modern elements, such as the digital dashboard (only the tachometer is a lancet), the huge central dispaly (12.3 “) and the glossy black console with touch controls (of great visual impact, but not so practical to use.) Equipped with all-wheel drive with variable power distribution between rear and front end with an electronically controlled multi-disc clutch, this suv has good off-road qualities, especially in the presence of air suspension that allow you to increase the light to the ground up to 23 cm, useful, then, for the best use of space, the sliding sofa (even if the compartment that is created does not have a regular shape).

Technical Features