Rent BMW M4 Cabrio at Rome Airport can be the ideal solution to better explore the area of Amalfi and enjoy its amazing panoramas.
Rome Airport of Fiumicino is not the closest one to the coast but is linked to lots of European and American cities and also to many other international destinations. So, arriving in Rome by plane can be the fastest way to reach Italy and begin your road trip towards the Amalfi Coast.

Some of the best roads you can find in Italy are located along the Amalfi Coast, about 300 km from Rome and 70 km from Naples. This stretch of coast in the south of the country is simply beautiful. For its historical, cultural and geographic significance, it was acknowledged among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Rent a convertible car with Power Service allows you to stop whenever you want to take pictures of the panorama and enjoy the sun and the fresh air of the Italian coast while driving. With a private car, you are also free to change your mind and plans during the tour and set up a different route to a more interesting destination.

BMW M4 Cabrio: a convertible supercar full of accessories

The BMW M4 Cabrio has a charming design and an impressive sporty character. This model of BMW is a supercar full of accessories such as full LED headlights, alloy wheels, sports seats, steering wheel controls.
It is a true symbol of freedom on the road that grants an amazing driving experience in every season thanks to the electric hardtop that opens and closes in 20 seconds.

Drive from Rome to Amalfi with a Cabrio car

The Italian capital of Rome is located about 300 km from Amalfi. The fastest road to reach this amazing destination would be the highway but, renting a convertible car such as a BMW Cabrio we suggest you to drive along the coast passing through Gaeta, Naples and Pompeii. This way you can enjoy beautiful panoramas over the sea for the entire journey and decide whenever to stop to visit some of the best attractions of south Italy.

Spring and summer are the best periods to drive from Rome to Amalfi hiring a BMW M4 Cabrio. The weather offers pleasant temperatures: the perfect condition to open the electric hardtop, enjoy the sun and the wind in your hair.

Best roads of the Amalfi Coast: Blue Ribbon Road

The SS 163, also known as the Blue Ribbon Road, has been elected the most beautiful panoramic road in Italy.
Hire a convertible car is the best way to explore the 60 km of the road and enjoy its panoramas. A trip on SS 163 is perfect to fully appreciate the amazing features of the local villages, the coastline and the lush Mediterranean nature.
The road can be very busy in the summer, you’ll need a reliable and agile car to drive safely along the hairpin bends. Rent a BMW M4 Cabrio can be the ideal solution.

We, as Power Service Luxury Car Hire, always suggest to our clients to begin their trip on the Blue Ribbon Road from the village of Vietri sul Mare, known for its artistic ceramics.
Then you can proceed towards Cetara and Maiori: don’t forget to stop for some photos on the promontory of Capo d’Orso for a breathtaking view of the entire coastline.

Amalfi and Positano: Mediterranean scents and colors

The road continues towards Amalfi located in the center of the coast. The landscape of Amalfi is really stunning: a mosaic of Arab-style houses overlooking the sea. Keep following the Blue Ribbon Road you’ll arrive in Furore to see its magnificent fiord and beach that made this small village famous all over the world. Last stop along the road is Positano, a famous holiday destination with beautiful beaches and a great nightlife.

Besides the lack of space in this area, parking your BMW M4 Cabrio in Positano to better visit the city won’t be a problem. Some of the best luxury hotels of the city provide private parking or garage for their guests. You can take advantage of this services at Hotel Punta Regina or at Hotel Le Agavi and spend a few days relaxing in Positano. The city offers great shopping boulevard, beautiful beaches and panoramas, nice ancient buildings and churches. You’ll have the chance to taste local recipes and local products as the famous lemons of the area.

At the end of your holiday along the Amalfi Coast, you can deliver the car back to a staff member of Power Service Luxury Car Hire at any place. The ideal ending point of this tour would be Naples Airport, just 60 km north of Positano. You can be there in one hour traveling along the highway.