Rent Mercedes C63 AMG S Cabrio in Forte dei Marmi - Power Service Luxury Car Hire in Italy and Europe

Hire a Mercedes C63 AMG S Cabrio with Power Service to visit Versilia is a great idea to explore this beautiful stretch of the Tuscan Coast. Versilia is located north of the region, close to the art cities of Lucca and Pisa. Its territory is famous for the wide sandy beaches, the long promenades overlooking the sea and the great nightlife. So, driving around with a convertible car is the best to appreciate the panorama and the pleasant, salty air of the sea.
In Versilia there is also the main center of the luxury of the entire Tuscan coast: the city of Forte dei Marmi.

Arriving in Forte dei Marmi is easy, you can rent a luxury car at Pisa Airport where the staff of Power service will be happy to bring you the supercar model of your choice directly at the terminal exit.
We always suggest to our customers who travel towards Forte dei Marmi to hire a convertible car such as a Mercedes AMG Cabrio.
You won’t have to worry about anything, taxes and insurance are on our own, just focus on your driving experience. Also, we can give you all the information you need about roads, places to visit, activities to do in Forte dei Marmi and in the surroundings.

Main features of Mercedes C63 AMG S Cabrio

This car has a V8 petrol-turbo engine and a seven-speed automatic transmission. It’s sweet, fast and very funny on the road and lets you appreciate every curve. With 510 KW, has a very engaging sound.
The Mercedes AMG Cabrio is also appreciated for its driving precision, its speed and its Dynamic Select System with Eco, Comfort, Individual and Sport + modes.
The car has four comfortable seats, and even when speeding gives you a unique sense of security.

Rent Mercedes C63 AMG S Cabrio in Forte dei Marmi - Power Service Luxury Car Hire in Italy and Europe

Hire a convertible supercar to visit Forte dei Marmi

Driving from Pisa Airport to Forte dei Marmi takes about 30 minutes. The road passes through the cities of Viareggio and Pietrasanta. The first one is known all over the world as the “City of Carnival”, while the second one is considered the main city of Versilia for what concerns contemporary art. If you rent a Mercedes AMG Cabrio, you can admire the panorama while driving and appreciate the beauties of these cities comfortably seated in a supercar.

Forte dei Marmi, also known just as Forte, is a pleasant city with long shopping boulevards, fancy open-air markets, pinewoods by the sea, wide sandy beaches and exclusive nightclubs.

Beach Resorts of Forte dei Marmi

Once arrived in Forte, you can spend your days on private beaches like the Twiga Beach Club, Augustus Beach Club, Nikki Beach Versilia, Bagno Annetta. Almost every beach resort of Forte dei Marmi offers its guests luxurious services such as wellness center, restaurant, pool, boat rental, surf and sailing school. They also provide a private parking service, so you won’t have to worry about park your luxury car when arriving at the beach.

At night these resorts transform into exclusive nightclubs where perform international DJs and dancers. Every night there are events and parties on the beach of Forte dei Marmi with live music and entertainment.

Luxury hotels in Forte dei Marmi

You can plan your stay in Forte choosing among luxury hotels, villas and apartments overlooking the sea. Nearby the beach resorts there is the Hotel Goya and Hotel Byron.
These luxury hotels grant you nice suites, fine restaurants, wi-fi connection and private parking inside the hotel property. They also have great outdoor spaces as a large garden with pool reserved for guests, solarium and panoramic terrace.

Rent Mercedes C63 AMG S Cabrio in Forte dei Marmi - Power Service Luxury Car Hire in Italy and Europe

Drive to Lucca and Pisa renting a Mercedes convertible

Our service of sports car rental in Forte dei Marmi allows you to explore Versilia and its surroundings on your own. As we said, the art cities of Lucca and Pisa are located only a few kilometers away and you can easily reach them by car. To arrive in Lucca you’ll have to drive on highway A11, while to arrive in Pisa the fastest route is the one along E80.
It can be the perfect occasion to fully enjoy the supercar performances of the Mercedes Amg Cabrio you’ve rented on long highways.

At the end of your holiday, when it’s time to take a plane back to home, you can leave the Mercedes convertible at Pisa Airport right in front of the terminal to a staff member of Power Service.

Visit Versilia Coast renting a convertible car

The Versilia coast is about 60 km long. From north to south of the region, the shore is an uninterrupted succession of sandy beaches with shallow waters.
The territory is really amazing and has a lot to offer to young people looking for fun, sport and relax. Driving along the coast renting a convertible car with Power Service is the best. It allows you to appreciate the amazing panorama, the wind in your hair, the nice warmth of the sun.

The attractions are not concentrated only by the beach, but also in the nearby hills and mountains. A short distance from the shore of Forte dei Marmi there is the Apuan Alps known as the marble mountains. In fact, it is from these rocky mountains that are extracted the famous white marble of Carrara that was used by the Romans and the Florentine artists to create timeless artworks.

Power Service’s service of luxury car hire in Italy can also provide you with sports cars, exotic cars as Lamborghini and Ferrari, suvs and prestige sedans.