Luxury Car Hire Family trip in Monaco

Italy and Europe have a lot to offer to car passionates looking for great holidays on the road with the family. Just a few kilometers from the Italian border there are adrenaline roads and stunning views everyone can appreciate while driving. We are talking about the Principality of Monaco.

Also known as Monte Carlo, this small city-state, located on the French Riviera near the Italian border, is the European capital of luxury. So, what better way to visit the city, if not by renting a luxury car? An ideal solution to satisfy all your family needs in terms of space, comfort and performance would be rent a Maserati Grecale.

Power Service Luxury Car Hire can deliver you the car at any place: your hotel, your villa, the airport. We just need to know place and time a few days earlier. The car will be delivered by an expert driver of our staff who will give you some driving advice and some directions about the best roads to follow during your family trip in Monaco.
At the end of your holiday, a member of our staff will withdraw the car at a fixed time and place, the ones that best suit your needs.

Why rent a Maserati Grecale GT in Monte Carlo?

Our supercar rental service in Monaco can provide you various models of SUVs suitable for all family. The Maserati Levante is one of these. We always recommend this car to groups and families who desire to visit the French Riviera and Monaco on their own relying on a comfortable luxury car.

This SUV stands out for its imposing dimension and elegance. The interiors are very spacious and luxurious, with leather finishes. Despite its tons of weight, the Maserati Levante is agile and easy to drive on the road and to park in the city centers. The load capacity is perfect to store your family shopping and some other bags you may have with you.

Experience Monaco with a comfortable and elegant SUV

Driving in Monaco with a luxury car can be intimidating because car traffic is heavy, but it is also worth it!
Having a comfortable car, as a SUV, means you can drive on the road along the coast known as the “Grand Corniche” and then easily return by the hills enjoying some spectacular views from high up.
This route is perfect to appreciate a stunning panorama of the city, the sea, and the villages nearby.

The most chaotic areas are the ones of the Casino and the port. The best way to visit them is to leave the car in an underground parking and walk to the attractions. Some of the best toll parking in the city center are: the Monte Carlo Casino, Parking du Chemin des Pêcheurs and Parking of Agaves.

Driving from Monaco to Nice with a luxury SUV

Driving for about 40 minutes west to Monaco, you can arrive in the romantic town of Nice.
Known as the capital of the Côte d’Azur, the city has ancient Greek origins and is today one of the most appreciated holiday destinations on the French Riviera.
The most beautiful road linking Monaco to Nice runs along the coast. While driving, you can admire an amazing view of the sea and of the villages perched along the cliff below.

The features of the Maserati Grecale GT are perfect to fully enjoy this road and easily travel even inside the city center. Parking in Nice is very limited but you can rely on several underground car parks placed near the shopping boulevards and the beaches as Promenade des Arts, Palais Masséna, Corvésy, Les Bosquets. These toll parking lots are open 24/7 and ensure you 60 minutes free.

Nice offers to its visitors numerous art galleries, tiny twisting alleys, great beaches and Belvedere. The old town – Vieux Nice – beneath the hill is a picturesque maze of streets and alleys with many boutiques, hotels and restaurants.

Maserati Grecale Power Service Luxury Car hire

Maserati Grecale Power Service Luxury Car hire

Continue your journey to Cannes and Saint-Tropez

The French Riviera known as Côte d’Azur does not end in Nice. Relying on a comfortable luxury car, you can easily continue your journey along the coast to visit other picturesque towns like Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

Cannes is located not too far, only 30 km west of Nice. The city is famous all over the world as a glamorous and expensive seaside town with a lovely marina and elegant buildings like the Palais des Festivals where is set the Cannes Film Festival. Each year international actors, directors and celebrities gathered in town to participate to the festival, meet the fans and enjoy the Riviera for a few days.

Keep driving west along the coast you can arrive in Saint-Tropez. The village itself is pretty small and can be easily explored on foot. So park the car along the roads or rely on a hotel with private parking as the Hotel de Paris.

Car traffic in the French Riviera can be difficult to manage especially in the summer period. The coastal road linking the towns of Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez has several traffic lights that can slow you down, but this will give you and your family plenty of time to enjoy the mesmerizing panorama.