Rent a Lamborghini in Italy can be quite an experience! It means sharing the Italian passion for motors, technology and design…this supercar has it all! Lamborghinis are definitely one of the world’s greatest 2-seat sports cars.
If you’re asking where you can find a Lamborghini rental in Italy, here is the answer: Power Service Luxury Car hire. Our company is based in Tuscany, but we can deliver you the car anywhere in Italy and Europe. We provide a wide choice of Lamborghini models at competitive prices. Just ask us for a quote!

A powerful dream car to enjoy the “Belpaese”

Are you thinking of hiring a Lamborghini to visit Italy? It only makes sense. In fact, our country has innumerable attractions and excellent recipes spread throughout its territory.
You will need the freedom to travel on a private, reliable car to explore and taste them all.

Relying on a luxury car rental service in Italy is the best way to meet your travel needs. Power Service Luxury Car Hire ensure you courtesy, assistance and professionalism. We operate throughout Italy, north to south, and in Europe too. We can deliver you the supercar of your dreams where you like best and pick it up at any place: your hotel, your apartment, your villa, a train station, the airport.

How much do I spend to rent a Lamborghini with Power Service?

Rent a Lamborghini in Italy with Power Service Luxury Car Hire costs around 2.000 € per day.

Our Lamborghini rental service includes the delivery and withdrawal costs of the car. We can reach all kind of destinations in Italy and Europe to deliver you this exotic car, we just need to know where and when a few days earlier.

The Lamborghini will be delivered by an expert driver of Power Service who will spend a few minutes with you to show you the car and its functionalities in the details. He will give you all the information you’ll need to drive safely with this supercar along the Italian roads.
He will be glad to solve all your doubts about the car and suggest you an ideal itinerary to follow during your holiday. There are panoramic roads of stunning beauty all over Italy: we want you to discover them all!

Renting an exotic car to drive in Italy allows you to travel throughout the country without worries. You won’t have to worry about bus, metro or train timetables that can be hard to understand, nor to find and pay for a taxi every time you have to move.
Our Lamborghinis are provided of insurance and are regularly inspected by an expert mechanic. When you are given the car, it is ready for your trip!

Power Service Luxury Car Hire can even take care of your luggage. We provide a luggage service for our clients who cannot or don’t want to carry all their bags in the car during their holiday. Our staff will take charge of the bags and transfer them from a hotel to another following your itinerary. This way you can focus on your driving experience with the Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Aventador Roadtser Power Service Luxury Car Hire Italy Europe Florence Rome Milan Monaco Geneva Nizza

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster: energy and elegance

The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is a variant of the most exclusive and powerful Lamborghini model. It has a removable roof made of carbon fiber that can be open in a few seconds: a feature that makes it even funnier to drive, perfect for the sunny days of the Italian summer and spring.

This supercar has a V12 engine and 740 KW of power. It’s sophisticated and powerful. Also is equipped with a Drive Select Mode – Road, Sport and Travel – that can give a unique driving experience to the ones looking for adrenaline sensations. Thanks to its wide, low frame, the Aventador is easy to control and keeps you comfortable even when you drive it all day long.

It is an iconic Lamborghini model only a few exotic car rentals have available in Italy, Power Service is one of these. Ask us for a quote to hire a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster!