Ferrari 488 Spider

Robert L. participated in one of our Ferrari Tours in Tuscany last June. It was a tour of two and a half days from Florence towards the Tuscan countryside and across characteristic villages.

We put a lot of effort into organizing amazing driving experiences in Tuscany and we are always happy to satisfy the expectations of the participants. It was the first time for Robert driving a Ferrari 488 spider in Italy and he didn’t really know what to expect. Plus, he booked the tour via the internet, on our website, and, as he said to us in the interview, he was skeptical about it at first.

So, he spent two and a half days with us and with other Ferrari enthusiasts like him in the Tuscan countryside and completely changed his mind. All his doubts were gone after the tour and he congratulated with us for the organization.

That’s why we asked him to spend a few words on our company and our Ferrari Tour to have a valuable feedback and some ideas to offer a better service. After a short talk, we decided to publish his answers.

Hi Robert and thank you for your time!

“No problem, I’m happy to share my thoughts about the Ferrari Tour I have experienced. I hope this will help other Ferrari enthusiasts like me to find a reliable company to do the same.”

How did you first get in touch with Power Service Luxury Car Hire?

“I was looking on the internet for a Ferrari Tour in Italy. I’ve always been a fan of Italian supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini and I wanted to experience a driving tour during my holidays in the country.

Seems like there are a number of tours where you drive the car around a major city for a short period of time. That was not what I wanted. I wanted something where I could really experience driving the car.

I found the website of Power Service, “Ferrari Tour Italy”, during my researches and I got surprised by the variety of tours available and by the variety of Ferrari models available that’s why I decided to send a request.”

Why did you choose Power Service for your Ferrari Tour in Italy?

“Send a request through the website was extremely easy and I got a response really quickly. I was worried about trusting a company that I had not heard much about and in a foreign country. But all the questions and doubts I was wondering about were excellently clarified. Gianmarco understood my concerns and put them to rest by making sure that I knew what I was getting for my money. I couldn’t wait to drive a Ferrari 488 Spider for the first time in such an amazing place like Tuscany and I decided to confirm my reservation.”

How did you find the driving experience of a Ferrari 488 Spider?

“I own a Maserati and a Jaguar F-Type. They are great but the Ferrari 488 Spider is an amazing supercar, anyone who says otherwise is wrong. During the tour I’ve explored its potential to the fullest, always respecting the traffic rules of course.

I’ve liked a lot to drive with the hardtop completely open and enjoy the sun and the view of the Tuscan countryside. But most of all I’ve liked the sound of the twin-turbo V8 engine: it was mind-blowing to me and really fun. It’s a Ferrari 488 in its mother country. It’s a work of art! The only thing I would say is that the paddle shifting is more fun than the automatic because the car shifts up very quickly on its own.

The Ferrari was perfectly clean and working and I appreciated that a lot. To see it shine under the sun was great, it allowed me to take some beautiful picture of me with the car.”

What was the thing that you liked the most during the tour?

“Impossible to say. I loved the car, the hotels and the food. Everything was fantastic. With this Ferrari tour, I went on roads following a lead car to places I would have never found by myself. The group didn’t go slow and I got to really feel the power of the car. I didn’t have to worry about directions, parking or refueling because Gianmarco took care of everything.

Not only did we get to see so many places but the drive in between was so much fun. At every town we stopped in there was enough time to walk around and take pictures. Plus, the hotels and restaurants reserved for the participants were first class! Finally, our guides were great people who were so responsive. It was great to travel with them. They made us feel at home in Italy.

I really enjoyed being on a thrill ride like that with the Ferrari 488 Spider.”

Do you have any suggestions? What could we do better?

“I can’t think of a single thing. I only wish the trip was longer. Your prices beat the competitors and I don’t see how anyone could offer a better service.
The staff or Power Service was always there with us guiding us and giving us useful driving tips. You took care of everything allowing all the participants to enjoy the experience to the fullest. This is a once in a lifetime trip, it was like driving through a postcard every day!

Thank you for sharing this short interview with us!

“It was a pleasure to book a Ferrari Tour with Power Service Luxury Car Hire and I look forward to seeing the photos and videos from the professional photographer.
I couldn’t have asked for anything better, it was the best trip I have ever been on. Absolutely recommended!”