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Range rover Velar Power Service luxury car hire

Power Service is pleased to present a new fantastic offer valid for the entire Winter/Spring season 2024!


Get ready for an exciting new adventure with Power Service!

Meet the Velar : In the late 60s, Land Rover named its groundbreaking off-road prototype “Velar” inspired by the Latin verb for “veil” or “hide.” Fans also see it as an acronym, “V Eight Land Rover.”

Modern-Day Marvel: Fast forward to today, and we introduce the all-new Velar. With its sleek lines and dynamic design, it falls right between the Evoque and larger sport models.

Distinctive Style: The Velar blends SUV strength with crossover elegance, featuring a striking black roof and stylish contrasting accents.

Velar Pricing:

  • 1-2 Days: €300,00
  • 3-6 Days: €250,00
  • 7-10 Days: €220,00
  • Monthly: €140,00

Book Your Velar: Elevate your experience with our exclusive Velar collection. Reserve now and unleash the luxury of the open road!