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Chauffeured Rental: Luxury Car hire by Power Service with chauffeur

Luxury Car hire by Power Service with chauffeur is useful for any company expecting a visit from an important client who needs to be picked up from the airport and taken directly to the meeting location.

If you’d like an even more exclusive service, you can send a limousine with chauffeur, offering a truly first-class service.

Power Service gives you all the excellent services for your ceremonies or weddings in Italy, offering an exclusive chauffeured rental service.

We have many luxury and exotic cars, you have only to choose your favorite one in our catalog: Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, Bentley and many others.

Your celebration days will be unforgettable with our prestigious chauffeured rental service.

On request you can hire with us excellent and rare vintage cars, treasures of the past which are still capable of providing thrilling excitement in the right context.

Don’t forget our great long-term car hire service, one of the best ways to organize company fleets at a fixed price, with very low maintenance costs and total coverage of risks.

Car hire with chauffeur is the ideal service for those who need to move around in total relax.

Renting a car with a chauffeur means enjoying a pleasant ride in a comfortable luxury car. You just have to specify the start point, the destination and eventual intermediate stops. It’s guaranteed that, with our chauffeur, you will arrive to your destination in time, whether you have to attend the most important meeting on your schedule or enjoy a tourist attraction of your choice.

Car hire with chauffeur also means “Transfer Service”: let your customer or business partner be picked up at the airport/station and experience a luxury ride towards your hotel or your conference room.

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