Incentive Team Building Power Service luxury car hire

Incentive plans in Italy are very widespread, choose Power Service to reward the best employees for their achievements!

Power Service Luxury Car Hire offers
a spectacular new way to reward the results of your company

Every year many companies rely to Power Service for the organization of Ferrari Experience during Incentive travels, arranged for their best employed, supplier and customers. Power Service have care of plan everything from A to Z according with needs and budget at disposition.

If it’s true that the Incentive travel is the best way for reward the performance of a working group, what could be better than a Customized Tour through Chianti hill, the wonders of Lazio or Lake Como, reach the Ferrari Museum driving through the famous curves of Mille Miglia route? Everything on board of an amazing Ferrari with the safety trasmitted by our Expert Team.

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Not only Ferrari. Power Service provide to their customers a big range of Luxury Car: Maserati, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Audi, BMW and many others…joining comfort and sportivity in the same time, to make unforgettable every second spent together.

Here a few proposal that Power Service offers for Incentive activity:

Group Test Drive

Test Drive Incentive Travels Full day tour

If a Tour with many cars results a too challenging experience, no problem: each guest can Test the powerfull of one or more Ferrari models, flanked by a copilot and alternately with the other guests. Choose an amazing Ferrari Driving Experience in Italy with Power Service Luxury Car Hire.

Half Day Tour

Incentive Travels Tour Italy power service luxury car hire

A real Ferrari Tour where each guest have a Ferrari on his own for the whole tour, start 9am end 1pm. Power Service Luxury Car Hire provide Ferrari cars for Half Day Tour anywhere in Italy.

Full Day Tour

Full day tour ferrari Incentive Tour Italy power service luxury car hire

This is the proper Ferrari Tour, one car for each guest, at least one every two, leaving at 9 am end at 6pm. Nine hourse in the name of the Prancing Horse and good food, with tastes and imagines that remain in your mind for a life time. Power Service Luxury Car Hire provide Ferrari cars for Full Day Tour anywhere in Italy.

Ferrari on track

Ferrari on track Incentive Tour Italy power service luxury car hire

Power Service offer to all pilots, expert and not, the possibility to feel the excitement of drive a Ferrari in a track, tasting the shiver of the extrem fast in the most famous circuit of the world. A Techincal Staff will be always at disposal to provide assistance at 360°.